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Please provide your name and account number as they appear on your utility bill.
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  • Enter your name exactly as it appears on your utility bill including any spaces and special characters
  • For account number, enter the last 6 characters of the BOOK-ACCOUNT NO
New My Water
A new My Water is here! Go to to register your account and explore what’s new.
  • Download the new My Water Redwood City app from the Apple and Google App Stores
  • View your water consumption and budget
  • Compare your usage to yourself and others like you
  • View a PDF copy of your bill
  • Sign up for notifications for; Leak Alerts, Water Outages, and more.
This website will be decommissioned on July 1st, 2018 and will no longer be available. If you wish to continue to use My Water please register on the new website. Starting July 1st, you will be able to access the new My Water at
No representation from Redwood City is being made that this information is contained in a secured site.